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Beach Photos

As I walk down the beach, the roar of the ocean fills my ears, and its immenseness staggers my mind. I try to capture its grandeur with my camera, but no photograph can hold the vastness of the sea. So I concentrate on smaller chunks of beauty—a rock formation out in the water, gulls resting on the shore, piles of sea foam, a broken shell nestled in the sand. These tiny aspects of the ocean are merely small windows into something I can’t fully understand. But as I look at them later, they remind me of the wonder that is the sea.

Thus it is with God. When I try to grasp the idea of a being who created the entire universe and still cares about little me, my mind freezes up. It’s too much for me to comprehend. So I focus on the smaller pictures—lives changed by faith, experiences that are more than coincidence, a peace beyond understanding that comes in time of need. My finite mind can never grasp the totality of God, but perhaps it is enough to catch glimpses of glory and hold fast to His little finger.

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