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My son called from Indiana today. “Mom, are you at home?”


“Could you do me a favor?”


He was driving somewhere near Indianapolis and had apparently missed a turn. He needed directions to get back to where he was supposed to be. Could I look it up on Google Maps for him?

I typed in “Indianapolis,” moved the map around a bit, and located his position. From there it was easy to find his intended destination and note the best road to get him there. He stayed on the phone until he had made the last turn and was on a familiar road.

How amazing is modern technology! Here I was at my computer in Oregon, directing him to a place I had never even heard of before. Why didn’t that technology exist when I was a kid? I remember that family trip to San Francisco when every road seemed to lead to the Golden Gate Bridge, which was not where we wanted to go. How nice Google Maps or a GPS would have been then!

What we really need, however, is a Google Life. When we reach one of those crossroads in life—which college to attend, what career to choose, whom to marry, where to live—we could just type the choices into Google Life, and it would provide the answer. No staying up late at night weighing the options, no worrying that we had made the wrong decision. Just input the data, and out would come the solution! Wouldn’t that make life easier? I know my son would appreciate it, stuck as he is in that limbo between college graduation and entrance into a career. I could have used it any number of times—it would have saved hours, days, even weeks of indecision.

Unfortunately, Google Life does not exist, and I doubt it ever will. Despite the wonders of technology, we are stuck making decisions the old-fashioned way: thoughtful deliberation, prayer, and, sometimes, a leap of faith. Still, maybe it isn’t that bad. I would rather trust my future to God than to a computer anyway.

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