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I watched the day begin, and it came with clouds of glory. I arose earlier than usual, to take my son to the airport. He was flying back to Georgia to prepare for his wedding. We will join him in a few days, preparing for our new roles as parents of the groom. But yesterday I was driving home alone, as I have many times before, watching the day arrive.

 First came a few hints at the eastern edge of the sky, a slightly lighter horizon and tinges of the deepest, darkest rose at the bottom of the clouds extending behind the mountain. Where I live, the sun rises from behind Mt. Hood, which makes for some especially beautiful scenes. As I neared home, the deep rose was growing pinker, and I could see without headlights. I parked the car and grabbed my camera.

 As I walked east along my little street, houses stood quiet, some light within as people prepared for work, many still dark. A cool breeze swept my face, as I came to the place where the road turned to gravel. By now brilliant orange and gold banners spread across the sky, stretching far beyond the eastern edge. Even the mud puddles reflected the splendor. Perhaps I should try to remember that picture when I find myself floundering in the mud puddles of life. Even the mundane can reflect beauty.

 Gradually the intense colors faded, turning finally into the plain gray clouds of daytime. I walked back home in the coolness of morning, the sunrise still glowing in my mind.

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