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Plane Flight

a government photo, since I forgot to take any...

The plane rises toward the gauzy gray ceiling, as the ground drops farther and farther below. I start to relax now that we are safely airborne. I read that takeoff and landing are the most dangerous times of a plane flight, and so I concentrate my prayers on those two times. Once we’ve ascended a bit, I can enjoy the view. Now looking down on the tiny houses and cars, the snaking roads and bumpy hills, I remember standing in my garden looking up as a plane went by. Funny. Then I imagined the people inside¬†looking down. Now I imagine me looking up. The changing perspectives of life…

We move into the cloud, and all I see is fog. Then we break through into the sunlight above. The clouds become a white cotton comforter stretching out below us. It amazes me that something so big can actually fly. Although I know the basic science behind it, it still feels like a miracle to fly above the clouds, higher than the birds. To see the cities and plains and mountains laid out like a map below. I feel like a little kid seeing the ocean for the first time.

And in two days I will do it again…

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